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Wondering how to buy and sell virtual mystery boxes with cryptocurrency? This guide will show you everything you need to know, from choosing a reliable platform to making your purchase.

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(Cryptocurrency for Mystery Box Website deposits )

Mystery Boxes 101: A Guide to Buying and Selling with Cryptocurrency

Welcome back to another BetterChecked Guide! Today we’re going to be talking about how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Mystery Box websites.It’s actually a really simple process: Select a trusted platform, fund your crypto wallet, browse the selection, complete checkout with crypto, receive your box, and if desired, sell won items back for more digital currency.With the right site, crypto payments make the experience a secure and pleasurable one.Thanks to my expertise, I will now let you know how you can get started with crypto deposits and withdrawals.

Choose A Reliable Platform

Firstly, when selecting a platform for virtual mystery boxes, it is important to find one that is reliable and accepts cryptocurrency payments.The ideal site will have a good reputation, offer a variety of mystery box themes and brands, and give users the option to sell won items back to the site in exchange for cryptocurrency.Checking reviews (like our very own ^^) and comparing different platforms can help determine which one best fits your needs and provides a smooth user experience for buying mystery boxes with crypto.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

You’re also going to need a cryptocurrency wallet set up with adequate funds.There are some popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum that provide flexibility and security during this process.Sometimes there are specific tokens related to the mystery box platform can also potentially be used, ensuring an easy transaction.Overall, a cryptocurrency wallet gives consumers the necessary means to buy mystery boxes with crypto options.A Cryptocurrency Wallet for a Mystery Box website

Browse & Select

Next, you’ll need to navigate the platform and select a mystery box that suits your interests.Some platforms might categorize their boxes based on themes, contents, or potential value.It's wise to choose a box that offers an exciting mix of items and has a good reputation.

Select Cryptocurrency Payment

Next you’ll need to head to the checkout section and choose a cryptocurrency method.Here it is important to check that the platform provides a unique wallet address to send funds to.Sending cryptocurrency payments requires entering a specific alphanumeric address tied to the recipient's wallet. Platforms selling mystery boxes online should generate a new address for each transaction. Customers must copy this address precisely to initiate the payment from their own crypto wallet.Here, we have a crypto checkout page from our HypeDrop review. Cryptocurrency deposit on Mystery Box websites

Initiate Payment

When you’re ready to pay, you have to access your cryptocurrency wallet and send the desired amount to the platform.Keep in mind, that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so triple checking the receiving address is important.


Next, you’ll have to wait for the blockchain to confirm your payment.This can range from a few minutes to over an hour depending on factors like blockchain congestion and the specific cryptocurrency used.Once the required number of network confirmations have occurred, indicating the payment was successfully transmitted, the mystery box platform will verify and acknowledge receipt of funds.

Selling Won Items

What is pretty cool is that some platforms allow users to sell virtual items won from mystery boxes back to the provider in exchange for cryptocurrency.This gives customers the option to get some of their initial investment back if they are not happy with their mystery box winnings.Users can browse the resell section of the website, select items to list, and choose a desired asking price in cryptocurrency.As soon as an item sells, the amount in crypto are credited back to the user's wallet.
Picture of author, Ashley (UnboxFanatic)

Posted by Ashley (UnboxFanatic)

Professional mystery box unboxer and part-time gamer, I'm here to guide you through the numerous providers and to help avoid getting scammed. Expect the unexpected.

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