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Coinrule review 2024: Why it’s a game-changer for beginners

Coinrule's smart take on automated trading has earned it the title "Best for Beginners" from industry magazines. But what distinguishes it?

Takeaways by BetterChecked
  • The easy-to-use rule builder needs no coding skills.
  • All-in-one coin scanner for all exchanges. Seriously, who wouldn't want to monitor a ton of cryptocurrencies at once?
  • Discounts for paying annual subscriptions.
  • Easy-to-use design works for both beginners and pros
  • Demo wallet lets you test strategies without any risk.
  • Some users say customer support is slow to reply.
  • Not having a market order function can be restrictive.
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With Coinrule, users engage in automated trading with ease.

Picture Sarah, a newbie trader, waking up to a user-friendly dashboard on, as comforting as her morning coffee. The "Build A Rule" interface welcomes her, allowing her to create automated trading strategies without any coding skills, much like building her dream strategy with Lego, each piece crucial to her trading plan.

Sarah building her strategy like Lego pieces

Sarah sets up a simple rule:

  • ->Buy Bitcoin when its price drops by 5%
  • ->Sell when it goes up by 3%

The process is easy and empowering, as she drags and drops commands effortlessly, making her trading dreams a reality.

Coinrule's library of over 250 pre-made templates is her goldmine, offering tested strategies she can tweak to her liking.

Coinrule Bundles for Crypto Trading Bots
Recommendation by BetterChecked

Coinrule's easy-to-use interface and lots of customization options make it great for both new and experienced traders who want to automate their strategies. (Because who doesn't want a robot doing all the work?)

Meanwhile, Alex, an experienced trader, delves into Coinrule's advanced customization options. He adds indicators like MACD and RSI to his strategies, adjusting them to match his market perspective.

You can read more about these advanced strategies here.

Coinrule Rules for Crypto Trading Bots

By utilizing Coinrule's backtesting feature, he tests his strategies against past data, fine-tuning them before going live. This approach makes what used to be a daunting task feel doable and within reach, thanks to Coinrule.

Coinrule's clear pricing plans: value for every trader

Navigating Coinrule's pricing plans is like shopping in a well-organized market, with various subscription options catering to different trading needs and budgets.

"A simple drawing of a market stall with price tags representing different Coinrule plans."

John, new to automated trading, starts with the free starter plan to try out the platform without any risk.

As he gains confidence, he upgrades to the Hobbyist Plan at $39.99 per month, which provides him with:

  • ->5 live rules
  • ->2 exchange connections
  • ->10 demo rules
Coinrule Hobbyist Plan for Crypto Trading Bots

to help him scale his trading. For more active traders like Emma, the Trader Plan at $79.99 per month offers more flexibility, featuring:

  • ->10 live rules
  • ->3 exchange connections
  • ->20 demo rules
Recommendation by BetterChecked

Coinrule's different pricing plans and deals offer great value for traders of all levels. It's easy to find a plan that suits you.

Mark, a pro trader, chooses the Pro Plan at $449.99 per month. Although the price is high, the value becomes clear with:

  • ->50 live rules
  • ->5 exchange connections
  • ->Unlimited demo rules
Coinrule Pro Plan for Crypto Trading Bots

He also takes advantage of a 25% discount for annual payments, dropping his monthly cost to about $337.49.

"A meme with someone celebrating a big discount, captioned: 'When you get 25% off on Coinrule’s Pro Plan.'"

Coinrule's performance and reliability: a trustworthy ally

Coinrule accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. The platform occasionally offers promotional discounts and extended free trials, demonstrating its dedication to providing value to users.

Coinrule Crypto for Crypto Trading Bots

These deals attract new users and reward loyal customers. Automated trading can be a straightforward and rewarding experience with Coinrule.

Laura sets her trading bots on different exchanges, trusting Coinrule to handle her strategies perfectly.

Coinrule Exchanges for Crypto Trading Bots

Coinrule works with big exchanges like Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro, ensuring her trading goes smoothly with minimal issues. The high system uptime allows her automated strategies to run without a hitch, taking advantage of market trends in real-time.

A sketch of a bot trading on different exchanges seamlessly

Although Coinrule is not immune to technical issues, Laura and other users occasionally encounter problems like:

  • ->"rule inconsistent" errors
  • ->server lag

These issues are rare but annoying, especially during periods of market volatility.

Despite these issues, Laura appreciates Coinrule’s efforts to address them, recognizing that this will ultimately improve her trading experience.

Recommendation by BetterChecked

Coinrule's strong security and quick tech support make it a solid pick for automated trading. Who doesn't love having their money safe and tech problems addressed?

Coinrule prioritizes security above all else. The platform employs robust measures such as:

  • ->two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • ->256-bit AES encryption for API keys
  • ->additional safety features like rate limiting and Recaptcha V3
Coinrule 2fa for Crypto Trading Bots

These features safeguard Laura’s data and trading activities in a high-risk environment. In 2022, Coinrule’s robust security protocols successfully thwarted several phishing attempts, further solidifying Laura’s trust in the platform.

Simple drawing of a shield protecting Laura's trading data from phishing attacks

Coinrule's community and support: the heartbeat of the platform

John hits a tech glitch while setting up his trading rules and contacts Coinrule’s customer support, which provides a mixed experience. Sometimes they fix his issues within hours, demonstrating their efficiency, but other times, he waits days for a resolution, which is frustrating, especially when time matters.

"Me waiting for customer support to respond" with a meme showing someone waiting forever

On Trustpilot, Coinrule has a 3.8-star rating, indicating that people generally like it, although the mixed feedback suggests there's room for improvement. Faster and more reliable support would increase user satisfaction.

Coinrule Trustpilot Review for Crypto Trading Bots

Coinrule's vibrant community, especially on Reddit, is a valuable resource for users seeking advice and sharing strategies. Traders come together to discuss their experiences, solve problems, and exchange ideas, creating a supportive atmosphere. For instance, someone might post about a unique trading challenge and receive helpful responses within hours, highlighting the community's proactive nature.

Coinrule Reddit for Crypto Trading Bots

Coinrule also provides a wide range of educational resources, including:

Coinrule help page for Crypto Trading Bots
  • ->Webinars
  • ->Articles
  • ->Guides

These resources help users optimize their trading strategies, covering everything from basic rules to advanced indicators, providing a solid knowledge base. While these resources are appreciated, some users desire more advanced content to refine their strategies.

By the way, we also have a good starter guide for getting started with your first crypto bots.

Recommendation by BetterChecked

Coinrule's great community and educational resources offer solid support, but faster customer service replies would make users happier. Maybe they need a caffeine boost? ☕

"When you finish all the beginner guides but still need more" with a meme of someone looking for more content

Final thoughts on Coinrule

Coinrule is a user-friendly and robust platform suitable for both new and experienced traders.

Coinrule User Interface for Crypto Trading Bots

Its intuitive interface, numerous customization options, and solid security features make it an excellent choice for automating crypto trades.

By streamlining the process of setting up and running trading strategies, Coinrule enables users to trade more efficiently in the crypto market.

Simple drawing explaining the process of setting up a trading strategy with a humorous twist

Although there are some areas that require improvement, resolving technical issues and providing more consistent customer support would significantly enhance the user experience.

Funny meme about technical issues during a crypto trade

Despite these problems, Coinrule's overall performance and features make it a valuable tool for traders, with the active community and abundance of educational resources being additional advantages.

Dealing with a technical issue during a trade can be frustrating.

Recommendation by BetterChecked

Coinrule is a great tool for automated trading. But, better tech reliability and customer support would make it even better.

In the crowded world of crypto trading bots, Coinrule stands out as a top choice, continually improving and prioritizing user experience to provide a reliable tool for traders navigating the fast-paced crypto market.

Coinrule Marketplace for Crypto Trading Bots

Its effectiveness is a significant advantage.

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